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Roadkill Skeletons

Roadkill Skeletons® was formed to provide structure to something that originated as a hobby. While the collecting of bones and skeletons may not be a novel hobby, RKS focuses specifically on the collection of wild animals struck by vehicles on the roads of South Africa.

The emphasis is on road kills, but some of the skeletons may also originate from animal corpses donated by zoo’s and animal parks. In collecting skeletons, the following principles are adhered to:

No animals are killed for the sole purpose of extracting skeletons: Animals either died in road kills or natural causes. Exceptions are cases where animals were hunted for meat, e.g. Springbuck.

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Donnie's work is extrordinary. My mounted skeleton was delivered flawless and on time. Stunning addition to my collection

Louw - Cape Town

Difficult to say which product is my favorite but the canvas prints have to be right up there. Stunning work of art

Lizel - Vancouver